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At Your This and That Shop, we really care about the products we sell, and we'd like to share our treasured finds with you.
* Antiques & Collectibles
                                       * Appliances 
                                       * Baby Items  
                                       * Clothes & Accessories
                                       * Decor 
                                       * Fitness Equipment 
                                       * Furniture
                                       * Holiday Items 
                                       * Household Items 
                                       * Kitchen  
                                       * Knick Knacks 
                                       * Lawn & Garden  
                                       * Miscellaneous
                                       * Pottery & Dishware  
                                       * Sporting Goods 
                                       * Toys

We have items that are antique, vintage, and modern.  We change our stock frequently.

If there is an item you're looking for, let us help you find it!  Ask about our "Wish List"

We will also take items on consignment.
Do you have something you want to sell but don't have time?
Let us Sell it for You!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Your This and That Shop!
Antiques, Collectibles, & Thrift Items